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It’s soft and bendy, perfect for an older dog to catch or a young puppy to play with. Treats can be hidden inside which makes playing with the Hol-ee Roller even more exciting!

On days when my dog has a lot of energy, I’ll stuff a Kong with peanut butter, dog treats and/or fruit. She’ll spend an hour or more digging the food out of the toy, which is made from extra-durable rubber. Even after years of use and heavy chewing, our Kong Extreme looks as good as new, and I love that you can clean it in the dishwasher. The propensity to chew, however, isn’t only due to teething. Even older dogs chew which isn’t a bad thing since chewing can help keep teeth and jaws strong and clean while also helping relieve anxiety and reduce boredom.

This is an aerodynamic, colorful, and soft alternative to the traditional hard plastic frisbee. Flying Squirrel for dogs features four, bright orange “paws” that my explanation are eye-catching during the day and glow in the dark at night. The toy is lightweight, easily flung, and soars to exceptional heights with little effort.

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The ZippyPaws Smarty Paws Puzzler is a fun, interactive puzzle toy that can be adjusted to your dog’s level of difficulty. Each level involves treat-dispensing that gets more advanced each time. A durable nylon design and unique shapes make the tasty bone line an extremely popular chew toy.

Playtime doesn’t always have to entail tugging or chasing. Our four-legged family members need smart dog toys that offer mental stimulation to prevent boredom and depression, which can lead to misbehaviour.

The value of a toy that is virtually indestructible cannot be overstated. This toy checks almost every box for what you’re looking for in a dog toy. The fun from the Tux comes from its unique shape, which causes it to bounce unpredictably. Most importantly, it’s interactive and distracting for your dog. You’ll sometimes hear controversy over whether you should play “tug of war” with your dog. Tug of war can be a fun game for your dog, but make sure to teach a command word for ending the game. Also, try to use specific toys for this game so that your dog doesn’t think that every toy is meant for tugging.

Everyone loves a cool dip on a hot day, and that includes your dog. Swimming is a great way to exercise your dog, and a good floating dog toy can make every swim into a fun and exciting game. Balls are a dog’s best friend and make for the best toys for active dogs. These unique toys are a twist on the old classic, giving your dog more of what they want. The durable nylon fabric is tough enough to stand up to dogs that fetch hard, and the larger squeaker ball is sure to get your dog excited. Its soft rubber design makes the Gourdo easy to pick up and gentle on the teeth and gums.

Once the ball is about midway to its intended destination you can release your hold and watch your dog blitz towards the ball. Fetch ball machines can help in this regard so you can hold your dog while the ball is being launched some distance. As soon as the ball hits the ground you can release your dog. Once your dog consistently runs after the ball even without receiving a reward for it, you can start training the retrieving aspect of the ball fetch game. You may also want to consider the weight of the ball toy. Even if you do manage to use fetch ball machines and save your arm from having to throw a really heavy ball, remember that your pet will be grabbing it with its mouth.

I was searching to see where to get a bag of crappy tennis balls for my 2 large dogs. This came glad I read it and know what to get now even though it will cost more. TheJW Pet iSqueak was one of the few dog tennis balls to break during our review. The squeaker died within the first fetch session, and then a noticeable split appeared shortly after. As you expect from anything American-made, this ball oozes quality.

We always believe in using a toy for its intended purpose. If the manufacturer says that you shouldn’t leave a certain toy lying around because it’s not intended for constant chewing, then you should probably follow that instruction. The best way to make a toy last is to keep it somewhere where your pup cannot get at it all day long. Bring the toy out when it’s playtime and put it away when it’s not. While this might be durable, it is not as strong as some of the previous products because it has a two-textured area. Toys like this typically break at the weld between the two sections. This toy is great for solo and interactive play, while the textures can help with dental hygiene.

Make sure to remove the ball once you give the reward. Practice this many times always rewarding your dog every time it grabs the ball with its mouth. Your goal is to toss the ball and get your dog to run after it even without the reward.

  • The nylon fuzz on the outside of the ball is abrasive to your dog’s teeth and wears down their tooth enamel over time.
  • Tooth damage is one reason why regular tennis balls are not a good fetch or chew toy option .
  • The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a noise-making dog ball designed to engage your pup.
  • This makes the ball safe, dog-friendly, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.
  • The Wobble Wag Giggle interactive dog toy is the #2 ranked dog toy balls on Amazon – and for good reason!

Though it comes with a ball, standard tennis balls are also compatible. Though there are many different varieties of this launcher available, this 26” model is an ideal size for stashing in the car trunk for trips to the beach. tennis ball is included—though the launcher is compatible with standard-size tennis balls if you need replacements. Enjoy a high-flying game of fetch with your dog in all types of weather with this durable floppy disc toy. It comes in a variety of bright colors for easy visibility and is made from lightweight material that flies through the air and floats on water. Plus, the multi-layer nylon construction is safe on your dog’s teeth but durable for long-lasting days of play. Classic dog fetch toys are great, but this Chuckit Flying Squirrel adds a whole new dimension to the game of fetch.

This will keep your dog busy and keep his brain spinning while he tries to figure out how to get the tasty reward. They also produce a variety of edible chew treats, flavored with things like peanut butter or bacon. West Paw Design is a company that makes a lot of different pet products, but their primary claim to fame is their collection of incredibly durable toys with bizarre names. When in doubt, your avid chewer will love gnawing down on a real deer antler. We like USA Bones & Chews Deer Antlers, which are 100 percent natural, extremely hard and long-lasting.

Dog trainers actually recommend holding your pet back while giving the command to run after the ball. The natural reaction is for your pet to keep on tugging against you.

The best dog toy for chewers is the Bacon Flavor Wishbone from Benebone. This extra-tough ergonomic toy is made of durable nylon and real bacon. With a paw-friendly design and flavor grooves in each prong, it’ll keep your pooch engaged and satisfied for hours, if not days. Besides fulfilling your pet’s natural urge to chew, purchasing this product supports animal welfare, as Benebone donates a portion of its profits to dog charities. This is not a chew toy, but it is made of thick, durable plastic to stand up to rough play from dogs of all sizes. It’s available in two sizes to best suit your breed and their playstyle.