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The Strike games — Desert, Jungle and Urban — fall into that horribly cliched category of you’ll either love them or hate them. We’re quite partial to a spot ofStrikeage, and feel this is the best of the trilogy on the SNES.

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Created by Dave Perry’s hand-picked team of programmers and designers, Shiny Entertainment , Earthworm Jim can justifyably claim to be the first ever game to come close to looking like a cartoon. It could also lay claim to being one of the most imaginative games to reach the SNES, and proves that it is possible to make video games genuinely humorous.

Every fan of Bomberman had their fair share of ideas about what they wanted to see in this sequel. Whether they were pleased with what they got — player-coded bombs, various new power-ups, and the biggy, playing areas in the main game option which scroll over large areas — remains another thing altogether. Whatever the case, SB2‘s battle mode is enough in itself to make this a worthwhile undertaking, especially when you consider that, like many of the games here, it’s kicking around now for less than 20 golden round ones. At a time when every man and his dog was scrambling to clone Street Fighter II’s legendary gameplay, it was left to Konami to do the job right. Stonky special moves places this among the best SFII rips going.

Using Mode 7 in just about every way imaginable it provides one of the few examples of games of this type worth investing any time into. While most others are as predictable as Anthea Turner’s inane grin, R-Type III starts out originally and continues to try to improve on itself over and over. Super Smash TV was the first game Ed ‘Mortal Kombat’ Boon produced when he joined Williams’ coin-op division, a fact which should give an insight into its nature. Yes, destruction, death and carnage are the objectives in this update of the classic early ’80s coin-op Robotron 2084. The coin-op used two joysticks, one for moving your blokey, one for aiming your shots, and the SNES joypad’s four-button arrangement made the conversion as playable as anyone could have hoped.

Did they not trust our Warwickshire-based chums to turn in an effort to do Mazza justice? What’s important is that Rare did a decent job, especially when you consider at the same time they created a new era of SNES graphics to boot. it has always been a relatively low priority genre for me. outside of SMRPG and chrono trigger, only a select few have even been on my radar over the past 20 or so years.

  • Aero Fighters peaked in value for a loose cart at almost $750 back in mid-2017, and has cooled off a little since then.
  • This game is notable for the wide range of partner characters that can be selected or otherwise unlocked to help make it through the nine stages, each having their own special attacks and abilities.
  • However, as the years roll by it certainly isn’t getting any easier to find, so there is a good chance it will one day rise beyond that former peak and overtake Hagane to claim the number 2 spot of SNES values.
  • Pocky & Rocky 2 is a cute, cartoon run-and-gun shooter with a great sense of humor, well worthy of an entry on our Top Ten list.

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Perhaps not destined for the classic status which Sim City has earned itself, Theme Park nevertheless shows what the cream of the UK’s development talent can offer the world. A loose conversion of their coin-op of the same name, UN Squadron is one of Capcom’s finest SNES games. Novelty bonus points come in the form of a shop where you buy new weapons and the opportunity to pick and choose your way through the levels.

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It was inevitable that, after producing countless budget-priced racing games on 8-bit computer formats (remember the likes of BMX Simulator?), Codemasters would get around to exploiting the theme on a console. The result, first seen on the NES, was a revelation, and this more-or-less straight conversion offers as many larfs as ever, with some parallax scrolling and an enhanced multi-player option being the only real enhancements. Micro Machines is simple, addictive racing fun the way your mother used to make it. Trust Bullfrog — creators of such adrenaline-pumping titles as Populous, Populous 2 and soon,Sim Hospital — to come up with a game which asks you to manage a funfair. It’s not nearly as dull as it sounds, of course — funky presentation, groovesome graphics and super-addictive gameplay ensure that it’s rarely anything less than fascinating.