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quiver 1

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intransitive verb

1 Tremble or shake with a little quick movement.

  • ‘You include instantly carried into an enchanting vista of cool water-filled ponds that quiver and shimmer with tincture that modification with all the period.’
  • ‘The foliage shook and quivered.’
  • ‘The environment shook and quivered underfoot.’
  • ‘She brought the feather around look at it therefore quivered in slight piece of cake.’
  • ‘We also have the types Astrantia significant with green flora full of pinkish stamen which quiver at all of breezes.’
  • ‘At the tiny degree of https://datingmentor.org/zoosk-vs-match/ character, everything is radiant – sap streaming, foliage and blades of lawn quivering for the wind – nevertheless the eye can scarcely discover them.’
  • ‘Swung round the head by a sequence they produce quivering oscillations in the air and have particular value for initiation rites.’
  • ‘we enjoyed the way in which the phase merely changed by itself with quivering strands of information.’
  • ‘And it was a cure whenever Jude swung the steel-hooked gaffing pole during the side, and hauled on board a solid, quivering strength of a seafood.’
  • ‘The flame quivered more next went.’
  • ‘She is met making use of suggestion of a black colored sword quivering centimeters far from their nostrils.’
  • ‘I regularly like doing that, leaping foot initial into quivering mountains of brown and reddish, throwing my way through gutters where in fact the foliage amassed well.’
  1. 1.1 with object result (something) to make a little rapid motion.
  • ‘Joe is preparing to bail out of EastEnders and try their give at anything other than quivering their bottom lip and having poor facial hair.’
  • ‘At over 350 quid the supervisor might quiver their bottom lip but my thoughts are manufactured, Needs one.’
  • ‘We’d removed the automobile upon the hills east of Rosedale and three yards additional area of the glass a cooler wind quivered a lapwing’s crest.’
  • ‘Her sight had been shut, and she was actually quivering her mouth like an opera vocalist, although it wasn’t impacting this lady performing anyway.’
  • ‘The women carried on to offer the high-pitched call and quiver the girl wings for another 20 moments.’
  • ‘Some on the graphics right here triggered even this reviewer to quiver a jaded eyebrow.’
  • ‘He quivers their right base and steers the topic toward counseling tools he has backed for combat pros.’



A little shaking motion or audio, especially one due to an unexpected strong feelings.

  • ‘he previously seen this lady moving plus the slight quiver in her own voice as she finished the girl tale.’
  • ‘He overlooked the minor quiver in his sound; after all, these English spaces echoed thus strangely.’
  • ‘Although she had intended to sound indignant, the quiver inside her voice deceived the chuckle she was controlling.’
  • ‘Steel and acoustic instruments, fiddles, banjo, cello, accordion, harmonica, brass and straight bass establish a bulbous, classic sound haunted from the quivers of music saws along with other alien units.’
  • ‘Amy’s voice brimming the area, hook, hidden quiver inside her build, as though she didn’t would you like to notice a lot more.’
  • ‘Thereis just anything in this sound, that small quiver that lets you know he could ben’t hidden behind something.’
  • ‘He attempted to hold his tone matter-of-fact and business-like, but he couldn’t entirely keep hidden the quiver of feelings as he spoke of leaving their.’
  • ‘Yes, it had been purely the process that appealed to your, the guy advised himself, ignoring a-sudden quiver of air.’
  • ‘His face had been peaceful, but the minor quiver in the terminology betrayed him.’
  • ‘we seen a slight quiver inside the mans lips, and my shock, the guy dropped his firearm, staggered away, and folded to their legs.’
  • ‘the guy seemed calm, but we caught a-quiver inside the vocals.’
  • ‘The best indication was actually the small quiver of his top lip as their sight bore into James.’
  • ‘the girl arms trembled, an excellent quiver that rippled through the girl body.’
  • ‘Her system froze because she saw what, the language that produced her quiver with anxiety.’
  • ‘The rage in her own face will make the bravest guy worldwide quiver in worry.’
  • ‘I silently cursed my self when it comes to quiver in my own sound.’
  • ‘She stated, louder now, and with a quiver in her voice.’
  • ‘She got happy with herself for maintaining the quiver from the girl sound.’