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Wealth and materials possessions are not as critical to Charlotte Lucas as the social implications that surround them. Despite the fact that Charlotte in no way believes that she will have the opportunity to marry a person as wealthy as Mr. Bingley or Mr.

Darcy, a single of the motives she sets her sights on Mr. Collins is that “his potential customers of future wealth had been exceedingly reasonable”(Austen 83). Mr.

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Collins will be the heir to the Bennet estate and by marrying him Charlotte will not have to load her brothers with getting care of her. The prospect of this sort of financial steadiness is the ideal that she would be in a position to hope for as a twenty-seven year aged unmarried lady.

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Charlotte sees Mr. Collins as her “probability” to conform to the position of wife and mom and edu guide reviews come across happiness in a domestic way of life. After Charlotte marries Mr. Collins and goes to are living with him in close proximity to Rosings, Elizabeth visits her and notices that she has created her new household “neat and comfortable” and that the living room is in “very good proportion… in its element and its furniture”(Austen 104). Charlotte is evidently happy of her house and her belongings, and she takes fantastic treatment in producing her household seem to be as stunning as feasible.

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She is written content with her domestic since to her social acquaintances she appears to be a economically protected, good, married female. Charlotte believes in generating the ideal of the prospects she has been presented: she feels blessed to have observed a suited partner and she normally takes convenience in currently being equipped to conform to a more conventional part because, unlike Elizabeth, she would somewhat be married to a guy that she does not really like than be regarded an old maid. Wright introduces Charlotte’s need to have for wealth and substance belongings in the film by means of the dialogue involving her and Elizabeth, specifically when she relates the news of her engagement and in the scene in which Elizabeth comes at Charlotte’s new residence. When Charlotte comes to the Bennet residence to tell her closest buddy of her engagement, she smiles and hurriedly tells Elizabeth that she will be marrying Mr. Collins.

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She claims that she should be as satisfied with him as with any other man and that by marrying Mr. Collins she has been supplied a comfortable dwelling and defense.

Though Elizabeth appears to be surprised that her close friend would marry somebody she does not appreciate, Charlotte will make it crystal clear that she is marrying Mr. Collins simply because with him, she has the possibility to socially elevate herself as a married lady. She tells Elizabeth that she would never have this similar option as an “old maid” and that Elizabeth ought to not decide her for creating the choice to conform to the function of the domestic housewife. Later, when Elizabeth is invited to stop by Charlotte in her new property, Charlotte tells her that she has a parlor all to herself and that she loves staying in a position to operate her very own residence. She under no circumstances thought that she would ever be able to have management above her personal affairs and she appears to be incredibly satisfied to be capable to lead domestically to her marriage.

Her happiness undoubtedly occurs from her newfound social status as a married woman, and a single who maintains a rather large household, somewhat than from the joy of remaining Mr. Collins’s spouse. Even so, as illustrated by her dialogue with Elizabeth, the point that it is her husband’s dwelling that delivers her joy fairly than her husband himself does not improve the point that she is content material with her new existence. In purchase to sustain a respectable name as a married woman, Charlotte follows societal policies of conduct pertaining to her new domestic functions. She strives for the acceptance of Girl Catherine (the final instance of the higher-class elite), who could aid the Collins household achieve worthwhile social connections.