I was stationed at Wright Patterson and living in base casing at Page Manor off Col Glen Hwy,


I was stationed at Wright Patterson and living in base casing at Page Manor off Col Glen Hwy,

as post talked about snowfall ended up being melting temp was at the 50’s,in those times there seemed to be no environment route or social media therefore we found out about they at the time,my wife selected myself upwards after finishing up work and informed me we should instead visit the comissary for items it was bumper to bumper carts in-and-out,my dad known as from Indiana and said this is bad and heading your path,it started raining and was still moderate at night,then the temps dropped quickly freezing water,sleet,then the accumulated snow additionally the wind arrived,it is so cold remained below 0 for 2 months,Col Glen Hwy was not open for 3 period after which it actually was like driving thru a tunnel,i am going to always remember the blizzard of 1978

Thank you for discussing your recollections, pole!

We stayed in the flats at the end of Duncan Drive off Zink Rd around the Col Glen Hwy. We were holding in the hilltop above Wright Patterson AFB. The snowfall drifts comprise high up here and any highway clearance added much more snow along the roadways. My better half had been students at Wright condition and I also worked at Children’s medical. I happened to be making for operate, the 7am change, and the wind ended up being blowing so very hard that i possibly could scarcely open the car doorway. We returned in to inform my hubby i might push your to school, the wind was also stronger to walk in the path through area. We drove up to Kauffman Ave. right after which parked the automobile in lots along University Ave. We knew there have been no autos traveling, plus the great deal featured unused, therefore we turned on the radio. But even as we had turn off the engine, it would not resume. Due to the rainfall the evening earlier, the great deal is an ice layer from the temperature fall. We cautiously went toward institution structures and very quickly realized that, although we have internally, school had been cancelled. We also discovered that there could be no foods provider for several days, it had been a lot worse than we think. Wright condition got an underground canal system of the means to access each strengthening. We had been able to find on the health sciences building where my hubby had an integral to your pupil lounge where we can easily unwind a bit. We decided to feel courageous and go homes through area because we had just missing grocery shopping and had a lot of meals. After a lot of hot chocolates, we became popular. It had been the stupidest choice We ever made. The snowfall is hip-high in the field, the wind is blowing more 60 mph. The exact distance ended up being over two soccer fields. In the middle of we regarded returning but chose to move. We had to place our very own minds with only a sliver to see through. I plainly recall the icicles building on my eyelashes! People it absolutely was cooler. We’d to hang onto both getting across due to the wind. We managed to get but couldn’t actually get-up the staircase inside for the house before sleeping. All of our base and fingertips are numb, thank goodness perhaps not frostbitten, but a tad bit more opportunity might have been terrible. No footwear or gloves could handle that cold. The hospital ran on small employees when it comes down to month and wouldn’t pick me up. We played cards and video games with the help of our friends and provided our items together. When we eventually have the car, it would switch off at a stop signal and I also needed to place it in basic and rev it really maintain it heading. They turned out cold weather cracked the engine block and that was actually the conclusion that vehicle. Later on that winter season, my husband determined late at night (med people like health practitioners would be the worst people) he couldn’t stay the pain sensation in his ankle and needed seriously to go directly to the medical. Our very own second automobile got tucked up beyond a floor. We attempted searching it with just the very long windshield ice scraper, him hobbling on crutches. We’d to test driving and the as modifying gears generally to go the auto backwards and forwards for quite awhile. We finally had gotten aside, chances are it’s 2am and no body is found on the street. Yikes. I remaining Ohio many years later on and found the west shore, making the accumulated snow behind. Many many years later on, considering that the teenagers love to ski/snowboard, the accumulated snow and ice in the procurer Pass into the Lake Tahoe region is fairly treacherous and also the decrease from move could be nasty. But that winter months in Kansas was the worst!

Wow, exactly what a story! I’m glad both of you caused it to be through fine! Thanks a lot for revealing your blizzard memory with our company, Marji!

I became stuck into the blizzard of ’78 with a pal of mine returning from Minnasota. We invested each week in a rest stop off the Kansas Turnpike with 50 vehicle motorists.

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