How To: Important Tricks On Honkai Impact 3rd Application On Android That Will Blow Your Mind (With Screenshots).


Capable of evading enemies or blocking attacks with a shield. Warps time and space, freezing enemies or pulling them into a black hole. At this point, there should be a Honkai Impact anime thanks to the great storyline that it presents. The world is in peril once again and it’s up to the femme fatales of the battleship Hyperion to save everyone. The Honkai are relentless as ever and they will stop at nothing until mankind vanquishes.

  • If you’re looking to create an ideal control scheme for Honkai Impact, we recommend taking a look at the following image, and using it as reference for you to create your own optimized setups.
  • It also has some artistic storytelling sections that Honkai Impact 3rd old version appear like children’s storybooks.
  • When she questioned his motives for putting his life in danger, he explained that his Kaslana blood urged him to protect people from the Honkai and smiled.
  • Yeah, the PC version is currently still incompatible with v2004 annoyingly.
  • Even with a full stomach, viewers may find themselves hungry after watching this anime.
  • Most often, these exchange codes grant a decent number of crystals that you can use in the game for a bunch of rewards.

Back to Kiana; after recapturing control of her body, she has been living in exile alone in the Arc City in order not to hurt others with the Herrscher personality. One night, she is fighting with Honkai beasts when Sirin seeks the opportunity to torment and brainwash Kiana, attempting to reawake the Herrscher. Fortunately, Fu Hua reaches Kiana’s mind and drive Sirin away.

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Honkai’s earlier chapters were pretty generic and boring too, but what made it good was the deconstruction of character archetypes and giving characters development while not changing the core. We only finished chapter 1 of Genshin, there could be a lot of potential. Afaik Honkai Impact is also a live service game, so anything that happened there, could happen here. I dunno, seems to me like it’s just a matter of time until the creepy tree dragon in liyue wakes up and eats Zhongli. Killing characters would be really easy since no ones actually with us in canon and even the world boss fights are explained away with being memories.

Climbing up an apartment building, they assumed they were safe when they are caught off guard by a Honkai beast knight, and Kiana took a grievous wound while protecting Mei. Due to the emotional duress of losing her most treasured person, Mei’s control over her Gem of Conquest weakened, and the 3rd Herrscher prematurely re-surfaced. Annihilating the knight, she entered a berserk mode getting the attention of the Hyperion.

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When you visit the link above, you will find downloading options for “Honkai Impact 3rd”. Honkai Impact 3rd will support cross-play across multiple platforms. It will be possible to play together with your friends on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android.