Cloud-based payroll pc software


Cloud-based payroll pc software

Get rolling with a payroll that is cloud-based that’s protected, scalable and maintenance-free. Make your workers smile with prompt, accurate paychecks

Best-in-class computer computer Software

Handle your attendance and anywhere payroll anytime, any platform. Never miss taxation deadlines.

Understand Your Perk On The Web Salary Computer Computer Computer Software

  • Worker Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Keep Administration
  • Worker Personal Provider
  • Payroll Management
  • Fees
  • Reimbursements
  • Loan Management
  • Document Management
  • Resource Management
  • Cellphone App

Simple Worker Records Management for HR

Personnel documents, organizational hierarchies, wage framework, real-time status capture all of it through Perk Payroll in bulk or mode that is one-time. Preserve and monitor records of past and present workers.

Automated Time & Attendance Management

Attendance registers, biometric or time that is RFID, home access control or other pc software Perk ties in along with time and attendance recording systems seamlessly. Accurate collection guarantees assure payroll generation that is accurate.

Streamlined Keep Management Per Policy

Enable leave needs through the online leave administration computer software. Automate leave approvals according to workflow guidelines, business policy, sort of leave, leave balance, etc. Save effort and tim & give attention to business-centric tasks.

24×7 Worker Personal Provider (ESS) Platform

Reduce HRs workload by giving workers a 24×7 online ESS. Workers can see their records, submit needs, check status, search the worker database, access policy paperwork, simply just take polls as well as get interior news/updates.

Fast and Accurate Salary Generation

Inaccurate collection and processing of worker information can be expensive with regards to worker relationships, governance & main point here. Perk covers all facets of payroll generation without making the process look complex.

100% Statutory Conformity

Perk ensures all deductions and efforts (IT, PF, ESI) per state and main legislation for solitary or multi-branch organizations. The payroll computer computer pc computer computer software keeps up with alterations in laws and regulations which means that your company is compliant all the time.

Paperless cost reporting, workflow and approvals

Your staff don’t have actually to have a problem with paper receipts any longer, as well as your HR & finance group doesn’t need to manage them. Speed within the settlement of employee costs and reimbursements.

  • Your workers submit cost from mobile software or internet app
  • Attach receipts and invoices
  • Supervisors can accept the cost and reimbursement claims
  • Pay claims along side income or according to your policy


Very easy to file, no problem finding — simpler to handle.

Perk document administration could be the perfect option to make HR admin an infinitely more efficient and process that is streamlined. It’s the smart solution to handle papers effortlessly, and keep up-to-date with conformity. Pull off filing cabinets with your paperless online system.

Stress allocation that is free return & recovery of the

  • Link workers with business : automobiles, computer systems, bank cards, cell phones, and ID badges.
  • Monitoring with workers direct you towards recovering and removes replacement that is costly.
  • HR can monitor worker permit renewals and document proof licensure, ensuring complete and up-to-date documents on certifications.

Pleasure self service to your employees mobile application

  • Apply & approve leaves, timings & reimbursements
  • Look at your payslips and income information
  • Find information on your colleagues
  • Geo location check-in check-out
  • Workers devoid of phone that is smart no stress.
    • SMS notifications for function phone workers
    • Turn your cell phone as a kiosk.
    • Workers can login with a pin
    • Perform most of the above actions

Effective Loan Disbursal to Workers

Perk makes handling of loan and advance disbursal, deductions, monitoring, and declaration generation a piece of cake. Automated scheduling and deductions result in the procedure hassle-free and clear for you personally and workers.

Provident Fund – PF
  • Perk computer Software can help you set the master information up for filing returns online.
  • Mark PF non-eligibility or eligibility for a member of staff
  • Set PF wage limitation at worker level
  • Generate Electronic Challan Cum Receipt (ECR) file which may be uploaded from the EPFO manager e-seva portal
Worker State Insurance – ESI
  • Generation of monthly share file for online upload
  • Addition of the latest IPs in bulk, marking workers entitled to ESI or otherwise not
  • Selection/deselection of an income mind for ESI calculation
  • Automated consideration of a member of staff for ESI deduction regardless of if worker crosses the ESI wage restriction