Brazier Using a smoker out of bricks with their own hands


Brazier-smoker from bricks with their hands can be built under the supervision of a master or a professional knowledgeable in cooker masonry. Here everything is important: to choose the perfect construction stuff, to prepare itto pound the perfect consistency of the mortar. Besides the building process itself, it’s very important to the smoker to locate an appropriate place on the site, to care for fire safety.

Varieties of designs

Externally, multifunctional smokehouses differ in proportion, finish, shape and different nuances. They resemble a big Russian cooker. However, this is simply a layout. The primary difference between smokers and charcoal grills would be just in functionality. From this depends upon what a structure made of brick can perform. The more working places there’ll be, the broader the menu for cooking food. The following options could be coordinated at a brick construction:

Smokehouse. The working zone is regarded as the primary, because of the sake of it the erection of a structure made from brick in this instance is provided. Indoors there are grates or hooks for repairing the products. At the process of ingestion, they’re bombarded with smoke, get a golden color and aroma of smoked meat.

By design – it’s an open-type grill. Shashlik is cooked over hot coals. The surfaces of the grill are accommodated for laying of skewers.

  • Barbecue. It’s the same mangal, but rather of skewers it has a barbecue. It’s utilized to bake steaks as well as other products.
  • Grill. The machine is the same as the barbecue, but the meals which has been cooked on the grill is covered with a lid. They’re simultaneously roasted not only in the bottom, but also at the top.
  • Cauldron. To cook pilaf, ukha and other hot dishes on the fire, you will require a separate working area from the smokehouse. It’s made in the kind of an oven. Stove is laid not deaf, along using a rounded cutout.

    Tip! It is better to work with a cast-iron cauldron. From the aluminum container, some non-liquid products, such as pilaf, will stick to the walls.

    The multifunctional smoker consists of several working places

    Of the extra working places in the smokehouse with a charcoal grill can be provided by means of a tabletop and a sink. They allow you to do washing and cutting dishes without even leaving the position of cooking. Besides functioning places, markets are provided in the brick building. They are used instead of cabinets for storing dishes, firewood, stove fittings.

    In addition to all of the above nuances, Irrespective of operation, all smokehouses are divided into two types:

    • Simple concerning the gadget is regarded as a hot-smoking smokehouse. Products inside the chamber are cooked at a higher temperature due to the close area of their hearth.
    • More complex is that the chilly smoking brick smokehouse, in which the products inside the chamber are wrapped in smoke. This can be accomplished due to the distant location of the hearth. Passing through several stations, the smoke cools.

    Hot smoking hamburgers foods quicker in the smokehouse, however, also the heat treatment makes them .