Intro: How to Make an Great Pencil Sketch of Any PhotographI draw Items. A great deal of things. But drawing or sketching isn’t a present, but rather a skill which can be learned. Try out these techniques and be ready to AMAZE your friends and family at what a good artist you’re! In this instructable, I will be walking you through how to take any picture and produce a kick-ass large-format sketch from it, suitable for framing, gift giving, or even impressing that girl/guy you wanna shag. Cuz lets face it: drawing is sexy, baby, yeah! Grrrr! Step 1: Build Your Art SuppliesTo start with, you’ll have to visit your regional art shop to get the items that you don’t already have. I will assume that you are like most other people and don’t have one item except be a number 2 pencil. Oh, and you will need scissors and scotch tape in a few steps, but I presume that you have that things. Here is a listing of what we recommend you become as a way to successfully complete this instructable:Required supplies:-Split pencils in different hardnesses: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B (and 8B optional) = $5 -a sketch pad that is 18″ by 24″ = $10 -1/2″ drafting masking tape = 4-a 10 APPLICATIONS ET LOGICIELS QUI TRANSFORMENT LES PHOTOS EN DESSINS ET DES CROQUIS pad of tracing paper 9″ x 12″ = $3-a good wad of kneaded eraser = 2-a”Tuff Stuff” eraser stick = $2-dry cleaning eraser pad = $4-a foxtail (aka drafting duster) = $3-assorted newspaper stumps for sealing = $2-prismacolor pencil sharpener = $4-erasing shield = $1Total necessary equipment: $40Optional supplies, in order of importance:-little pencil case for pencils and erasers = 2-larger pen case for little pencil case, eraser shield, along with dry cleaning eraser pad =$3-sketch pad plank 23″x26″ = $10-stand-up easel for displaying the completed work just like an expert = $20-nylon portfolio bag 23″ x 31″ = $22Total optional gear: $57Total advocated provides: $97Step 2: Build Your Computer Gear and SoftwareAfter paper and pencils and erasers and stumps, a computer is a really handy tool to utilize to the all-important preparation step. It will not help you draw something, but it could sure make putting the paper to the pencil simpler. Listed below are the”must haves”:1) A scanner2) A easy photo editing software like iPhoto, Photoshop, or any variety of image editors3) A bookmark in your browser pointing into blockposters. ComStep 3: Select a Photograph to CopyThis is the enjoyable part. You can use basically any picture you want for a sketch. It may even be a crappy low-res internet picture